Using the best cleaning products and equipment.


Regular maintenance is imperative to keep your sports surface in top condition. 

Courts that are not maintained tend to have a short lifespan. At SC Sports we offer one off maintenance solutions or yearly service agreements that suit your needs.

Court cleaning is a huge part of your tennis court maintenance. For instance, moss and algae are often found on hard court surfaces. Consequently this can look unsightly and can create hazardous slippery areas. We use special products to treat the surface and pressure wash away algae stains.

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SC Sports Court Cleaning
Tennis Court Cleaning


Skid testing is a very important element of the proactive maintenance of sport courts.

 A skid test allows you to make sure that your sporting surface and surrounding areas, remains safe to play on – preventing players from becoming injured.

SC Sports can undertake an independent slip test on your surface as well as it being included in our maintenance service.